Who we are

Ray of Hope is an interdenominational church.  This means that we operate independently and are not part of any particular church denomination or convention. We welcome people from all church backgrounds, as well as those who don't attend church.  Some of our members have been part of various churches such as Assemblies of God, Baptist, Methodist, Church of God and others.  This doesn't mean that we adhere to the entire spectrum teachings and traditions; it means that while respecting the entire body of Christ, we attempt to follow God's word in a unified manner in regard to foundational beliefs, while allowing for differences of opinion in regard to the non-essentials.  We believe unity and agreement is God's will for His church.  The objective of our teachings is stated in this verse: "But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith." 1 Timothy 1:5


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History of Ray of Hope:  After starting out in a home basement, with a typical Sunday attendance of fewer than a dozen, Ray of Hope moved to a brand new facility in 2008.  Later, a second facility was constructed on the same property, which has been used for various ministries, and a house in front of the church was acquired, which is used for our food pantry and clothes closet.  Pastor Matt Huff informally assumed ministerial duties early on and was formally named as pastor at a later date.  Since its inception, Ray of Hope has seen its attendance increase and has had many gifted individuals start ministries within the church.  Most importantly, we believe God has been honored as some have received Jesus as Lord in our church and others have been healed and restored in many ways.