Who we are

Ray of Hope is an independent, family-oriented, Bible-believing church.  You are welcome here no matter what church background you have, or if you never attend church. Some people refer to us as non-denominational or inter-denominational (meaning we aren't part of a larger church organization, and we have members from different backgrounds). While respecting the entire body of Christ, we attempt to follow God's word in a unified manner in regard to foundational beliefs, while also allowing for differences of opinion in matters of conscience. The objective of our teachings is stated in this verse: "But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith." 1 Timothy 1:5


After starting out in a home basement, with a typical Sunday attendance of fewer than a dozen, Ray of Hope moved to a brand new facility in 2008. Later, a second facility was constructed on the same property, which has been used for various ministries, and a house in front of the church was acquired, which has been used for a food pantry to serve the community.  


WHAT WE BELIEVE                                      

We believe in one God

          Father—creator of all things

          Son—Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord

          Holy Spirit—convicts, indwells, helps and empowers us

We believe in the Bible—God's Word.

We believe in the Gospel—the Good News of Salvation.

We believe in the Church—local Bible-believing assemblies

We believe in Christian Life—loving and serving as Jesus did

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